About the conference

The eSkills for Jobs 2016 high level conference is being organised in response to the mismatch between demand and supply of digital technology experts in Europe. Companies across Europe are struggling to fill their ICT-related vacancies. This is due to the shortage of skilled workers. The eSkills for Job Conference 2016 will help Europe address this mismatch.

The conference will take place on 16 March 2016 at the Circustheatre in The Hague, The Netherlands. The event is organised by DIGITALEUROPE in collaboration with ECP, Platform for the information society. It is an initiative of the European Commission.


The conference will gather EU policy makers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, ICT practitioners and young people in a fresh and interactive format including practical demonstrations, panel discussions and informal networking opportunities.

Skilling up for the future of Europe: STEAMing ahead through Digital and Key Enabling Technologies

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to a greener economy, are instrumental in modernising Europe’s industrial base, and drive the development of entirely new industries. Their importance makes them a key element of European industrial policy.

KETs are a group technologies that have applications in multiple industries and help tackle societal challenges. They include micro and nano electronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies. KETs are among the priority action lines of European industrial policy. The European Strategy for KETs aims to increase the exploitation of KETs and to reverse the decline in manufacturing as this will stimulate growth and jobs

One of the major weaknesses of Europe with regards to KETs lies in the difficulty of translating its knowledge base into marketable goods and services. This innovation gap has been identified as the European ‘Valley of Death’. KETs-related manufacturing is decreasing in the EU and patents are increasingly being exploited outside the EU. What is more, Europe faces a shortage of skilled labour with large and small companies capable of handling the highly multi-disciplinary nature of KETs.

What is eSkills for Jobs?

eSkills for Jobs 2015 – 2016, part of the EU eSkills strategy, is a major cross sector, multi-stakeholder campaign from the European Commission, involving hundreds of pan-European and national organisations across Europe including companies, associations, education and training bodies and NGOs.

The eSkills for Jobs campaign is a response to the growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals, which is currently not met, despite high levels of unemployment in Europe. The campaign runs in 24 European countries, raising awareness of the education, training, jobs, and other opportunities that are available to people with eSkills – those who know how to effectively use digital technologies. Together, industry, education bodies and public authorities deliver a programme of events and communications activities both at the pan-European and at the national level.

The campaign is coordinated by DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet.
For more information on the initiative visit: http://eskills4jobs.ec.europa.eu/

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