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For more videos of the eSkills campaign, visit the eSKills YouTube channel


Boosting the Potential of Key Enabling Technologies: Addressing the Skills Needs in Europe


e-Skills in Europe: Trends and Forecasts for the European ICT Professional and Digital Leadership Labour Markets (2015-2020), empirica Working Paper, November 2015


Employment and Skills Aspects of the Digital Single Market Strategy, Report, European Parliament, 2015:


European Parliament Resolution of 19 January 2016 on Skills Policies for Fighting Youth Unemployment:


Brochure: e-Leadership – Digital Skills for SMEs

Report: e-Leadership – Digital Skills for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, October 2015


Brochure: Acquiring e-Leadership Skills. Fostering the Digital Transformation of Europe

Final Report: New Curricula for e-Leadership Skills in Europe

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